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Advertising Ads

This assignment was to create and Advertising Ad over the company Trident. The message objective was the flavor of the gum lasts a long time. I decided to create a Giraffe to relate their long necks to the never ending flavor of Trident’s gum. I then began to play around with spots and colors as it lead me to invert the background to the golden- yellow of the Giraffe’s body color. I then left the spots to create an implied figure of a Giraffe. (created this project alone)


Trident Gum

Tail the End of Times…The gum last that long.



The second half of these ads are created as a team. Maddie Pospisil who was the copywritter for the ads and myself. The designer. The ads are focused on goat cheese which is a locally grown company in St. Louis. We wanted to give each add something memorable. Which are our  icons or symbols but something humorous as our words bring out the truth yet people can find human connection to them.



September 2, 2016


Abstract, Advertising Ads