Abbie Voorhies | Hello Haiti
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Hello Haiti

Sneak Peak of the project in progress. I am working on a non-profit organization to help bring awareness to Haiti about the lands that are still beautiful. The main focus for so long has been about helping and hope for Haiti. Now it is time to live, experience, and discover the beautiful places of Haiti.  Haiti is making a come back as I will be creating a marketing campaign with my partner who is a young man from Haiti. My role in this project will be visuals, website, posters, logo, name of the campaign along with many other elements. The name of this campaign is called Hello Haiti. The objective is once again to bring awareness to Haiti of all the beautiful places people can tour. Our hopes will be to help the healing of  Haiti’s name and lands to be perceived as beautiful land it once was before the tragic took place.


October 10, 2016